The Constitution as a Page of Talmud

Reading the news every morning (and afternoon, evening, etc.) is depressing. Among the many painful parts of today’s New York Times was seeing the portrait of 45 below that of George Washington, on the cover of a supplement to The New York Times Magazine.

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Yet it was oddly comforting to see the text of the Constitution surrounded by bipartisan commentary. Because beyond visualizing that maybe, just maybe, we can still hold on to the belief that we are part of the same community of readers, bound to one canonical text, that visualization looked just a little bit like an oversized, color-coded page of Talmud.

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5 thoughts on “The Constitution as a Page of Talmud

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  2. Bruce Bromberg Seltzer says:

    Hillel’s Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Education created a series of American and Israeli texts, Special Sugyot, Text Studies in the Tradition of the Talmud with Biblical and Rabbinic commentary arranged like a page of Talmud (including Preamble to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Kings I Have a Dream, First Ammendment, among others): (They each start with Special Sugyot…).

  3. Tzvi Steele says:

    I don’t know why but it feels like pushing your political agendas into the study of (or satire of) Talmud seems quite intellectually dishonest

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