Prof. Y.N. Epstein z”l, the Father of Modern Talmud Scholarship

As its tagline suggests, The Talmud Blog seeks to provide readers with content relating to Talmudic news, reviews, culture, currents, and criticism. The collective web log is replacement to the original Talmud blog, run by Shai Secunda from late 2009 through early 2011. In addition to referencing recent publications, conferences, and other topics relating to current events, the blog serves as a platform for its writers to share aspects of their own work and reflect on the overall state of research into the Talmud. In this regard, the discussion of “Talmudic culture” addresses the culture of the Rabbis and their Talmud, the culture of the Talmudists and their Rabbis, and the presence of Talmud in general culture, all the while engaging the academic, interested reader, and student in a larger conversation about the work itself.

The Talmud Blog is edited by Dr. Shai Secunda and Yitz Landes. For information about the full time contributors and a list of guest contributors, see the “Authors” section.