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Reconstructing the Talmud: A Talmud Blog Event

We’ve held Talmud Blog events in the two most important cities where the Talmud is studied (academically and otherwise) – Jerusalem and New York. But we know our readers live across the globe in places big and small, bustling, and sleepy. In that spirit we’re happy to let you know that the next event will be held in the Israeli town of Modiin, that ancient Maccabean stronghold and contemporary bedroom community. On Saturday night, February 7th at 8:30pm, Joshua Kulp and Jason Rogoff, co-authors of Reconstructing the Talmud (Mechon Hadar, 2014), will be discussing their new book at Nahal Haparan 28/3.  Shai will introduce the book and offer a few thoughts about the significance of the work as a popular and erudite introduction to laymen interested in academic Talmud. Joshua and Jason will then offer their reading of “Women and Birkat Hamazon: Critical Analysis of the Talmudic Sources.” Books will also be available for purchase for 100 NIS. If you plan on coming please RSVP to shai.secunda at gmail. For those of you who cannot make it we plan on uploading a recording of the event.

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