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“What does the Talmud Have to Offer Israeli Culture?” Yair Lipshitz and Moulie Vidas in Conversation on the Value of Talmud Study, the Beginnings of Talmudic Culture, and the Talmud’s Role in Israeli Society.

Over the past two years of blogging here at the new Talmud Blog, it has been more than a pleasure for us to meet interested readers from all over the world and various walks of life. While most of these “meetings” and discussions have only been held virtually, through our own events and other outlets we have also had the opportunity to meet in person. Next week, as scholars of Jewish Studies converge on Jerusalem for the 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, we will be holding a Talmud Blog event catered to readers of the blog who may be in town as well as to a larger general audience:

“?מה יש לתלמוד להציע לתרבות הישראלית”

.יאיר ליפשיץ ומולי וידס בשיחה על ערך הלימוד, ראשית התרבות התלמודית, ומקומו של התלמוד בחברה הישראלית

“What does the Talmud have to Offer Israeli Culture?”

Yair Lipshitz and Moulie Vidas in conversation on the value of study, the beginnings of Talmudic Culture, and the Talmud’s role in Israeli Society.

Yair and Moulie’s conversation will based on Moulie’s current project, “The Beginning of Talmudic Culture,” and will include a discussion of Yerushalmi Hagigah 1:7.

The event, which will take place in Hebrew, is kindly being hosted by The Carousela– a cafe/restaurant in Rehavia- and will take place next Sunday, July 28th, at 7:30 pm. Please RSVP in the form below or through the Facebook event.

[All are also invited to Ophir’s concert on the following Wednesday (the 31st)!]


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