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Prof. Avraham Goldberg ז”ל

The world of Talmud scholarship mourns the passing of Avraham Goldberg, professor emeritus at Hebrew University’s department of Talmud and Halakha.  Professor Goldberg was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1913, served as a US Army chaplain in the Second World War, and moved to Israel in 1946.  At JTS in New York and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem he studied with the leading scholars of the mid-twentieth century, including L. Ginzberg, S. Lieberman, J. N. Epstein, and Ch. Albeck.  A recipient of the Israel Prize in 2000, he authored dozens of articles, studies and reviews in both English and Hebrew and edited a number of tractates of the Mishnah.  A collection of his essays entitled “Literary Form and Composition in Classical Rabbinic Literature” was just recently published by Magnes Press.

More information on Prof. Goldberg can be found here:

יהי זכרו ברוך


3 thoughts on “Prof. Avraham Goldberg ז”ל

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  2. Prof. Avraham Goldberg was a real tzadik and a very warm and caring person. I knew him well for many years at Hebrew University as he came regularly to our mincha minyan at the Hecht Synagogue. May his memory be blessed.

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