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Some new articles from off the beaten track

My new RAMBI RSS feed is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some new and not so new titles from off the beaten track that caught my eye:

Stephen J. Pfann, “ Abducted by God? : The process of heavenly ascent in Jewish tradition, from Enoch to Paul, from Paul to Akiva,”  Henoch 33.1 (2011): 113-128.

Pfann’s aricle appears in a special issue of Henoch devoted to “Enochic Traditions and Mediatorial Figures in Second Temple Judiasm and Their Legacy in Early Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism, and Islam, curated by Jason M. Zuraswski, University of Michigan

Anders Hultgård, “La religión irania en la antigüedad: su impacto en las religiones de su entorno – judaísmo, cristianismo, gnosis” in Biblia y Helenismo; el pensamiento griego y la formación del cristianismo (Antonio Piñero ed.; Córdoba: El Almendro, 2007), 551-593.

Admiel Kosman, “ Über die geistige Liebe in der talmudischen Literatur : die Liebesgeschichte von Akiva und seiner Partnerin neu gelesen,” in Jüdischer Almanach (2010): 26-45.


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